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Our Story

Thunder, the spice brand taking the culinary world by storm, began as a small business in 1999 by Mr.Gunjan Mehrotra. He had always been passionate about spices from a very young age. One day, he found a customer came looking for Noodle Masala and found no brand selling such spices. Mr. Gunjan identified this gap in the market and began researching, conducting surveys, and searching for ingredients used in new-age recipes that would cater to the evolving tastes of customers.

After much experimentation and culinary exploration, he created the very first Noodle Masala of its kind, which became a popular choice among customers. He later created Macaroni Masala, Pasta Masala, Kachori Masala, Bharwa Bhindi Masala, etc., which were an instant hit in the market.

Since then, we have been dedicated to creating unique and authentic blends that enhance the flavor of every dish. Today, we offer a wide range of 30+ recipe spices loved and appreciated by our customers across the country.

Not just spices, we're a Blend of Recipes!

We're not in the business of spices; we serve carefully crafted recipes to our customers. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the pack, and you'll have a restaurant-style meal at home, only better in taste and quality!

Our Quality & Production

Our state-of-the-art production facility boasts advanced automatic plant and machinery that allows for the processing and packaging of our premium quality spices in a highly hygienic manner. The cutting-edge technology incorporated into our manufacturing processes ensures that every batch of spices we produce is of the highest standard and meets our strict quality control guidelines. From sourcing the finest raw materials to packaging the finished product, our facility is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment that enables us to produce and deliver our spices efficiently and with the utmost precision. With our emphasis on hygiene and quality, you can rest assured that every blend of recipe spices you receive from us has been made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Our Founder

Meet the visionary behind Thunder Masala.
Mr. Gunjan Mehrotra, born in 1969 into a Khatri family, is known for their exceptional taste in food. As he grew up, he noticed the changing food preferences of Indian households and realized that there was a need for modern spices in the market. His family always supported his passion for experimenting with spices, and his sister and brother were crucial in motivating him to pursue his dreams.

Starting with distribution, Mr. Gunjan gradually moved towards manufacturing and began creating unique blends of spices free from chemical preservatives and made from hand-picked ingredients. He worked tirelessly, often late into the night, with an old Mixer to get the perfect blend for each recipe. His dedication and passion paid off, and soon Thunder Masala earned its name in every household for its authentic and delicious taste. Today, Mr. Gunjan continues to innovate and create new flavors that delight the taste buds of his customers.

Our Journey

Evolving as India's most Favourite and Trusted brand with a wide range of 30+ recipe spices blended with Love to make your food tastier. (Show below text as a timeline)

  • 1999 Started as a small spices distribution business called Khatri Enterprises.
  • 2000 - Mr.Gunjan entered into the manufacturing business under the brand name Thunder, after the iconic Noodle Masala made a hit in the Market.
  • 2003 - Thunder Masala launches its first blended Macaroni masala..
  • 2005- Launch of Bharwa Bhindi & Karela masala to make boring food interesting..
  • 2006- After a survey revealed India's Love for Aloo Sabzi & Kachori, Thunder Masala launched one of its kind Kachori Masala and Achari Aloo Masala, loved by many.
  • 2006- Registered as a company GMS Products
  • 2007- The most loved Pasta Masala entered the market and made its presence known loud & clear, which later inspired many other brands to make one.
  • 2010, 2012, 2014 - Received words of appreciation from Mrs. Jaya Bachchan.
  • 2015- Started a full-fledged manufacturing unit in Bareilly
  • 2022- Introduced innovative Breakfast range recipe spices like Poha Masala, Omelette Masala, etc.