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So we must interview customers, listen to their social media conversations, and understand macro trends to gain an understanding of what choices they are really making. Essentially, if children have a free hour in their day, they can either decide to download a game or to read a book. You have to be a bit of an anthropologist and really study your customers to determine what they consider as replacement competition for your products and services.

So does an 8-year-old consider a book as competition for a mobile game? However, does a major influencer on that purchase decision in this case, the parent consider a book to be a replacement competitor? Well, this parent certainly does. How to Write a Competitive Analysis with 3 free templates. Customer-centric Marketing: Tap into your culture to differentiate from the competition.

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Categories: Marketing Tags: competition intelligence , competitive analysis , customer-centric , intelligence gathering. Often times in our efforts to discover who our competitors are and what they are doing, we forget one of our most valuable tools — our customers.

No one knows who the competition is better than you customers, and no ones knows why someone would opt for your competitors service instead of yours better than your customers. Your customers know some things about you that you may not know yourself — your public perception, reputation, and general mood towards you and your company. Depending on the scale and type of your business, this means that you may want to make a phone call, send out an email survey, or bring it up in your next face to face meeting.

Whatever the case, do not overlook the power of the customer in gaining knowledge of your competition. If you follow the above pieces of advice, you will be able to quickly identify your top competitors and uncover their standing within your niche. If you do get an answer to your rate question, you could take things a step farther by asking more questions:. The bolder you get and the more open the employee is, the more questions you can ask, and the more intel you can gain.

If you want to be a top player, then you need to be sure that you equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Understand your competition inside and out. No matter what your budget or lack thereof there are plenty of creative and free ways that you can find out everything you need to know to take your company to the top.

Effective roadshow planning can help you expand your talent pool and keep track of promising work candidates. Continue Reading. The future of experiential and marketing events needs a purpose-driven marketing strategy and socially responsible solutions to keep up.

UpCity Excellence Awards. July 7, Table of Contents. About the author. If there is, check out which businesses or websites are purchasing ads for those keywords. Those also might be known as, say it with me: your indirect competition. Again, at this stage, keyword research can really help you decide where to put your efforts. If your competitors are targeting specific keywords with their content, where is there opportunity to outperform them?

Are they implementing a particularly strong keyword strategy? What insights can you glean from that? From there, you can look toward opportunities to either compete with them directly for attention around specific topics or questions, or differentiate your approach by looking for gaps in their content or new angles to approach questions your audience is posing. Lastly, you can always go back to paid data. If your indirect or direct competitors are putting money behind ads, you can be sure those keywords represent important business initiatives.

This will also provide insight into where your competition is placing their efforts and money. When it comes to marketing and competition, it is absolutely essential to approach competitive analysis strategically. You have all the tools you need to develop a thorough understanding of your direct and indirect competition, and build a stronger marketing strategy based on that knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? What is Indirect Competition? A few effective techniques for identifying direct competitors: 1. So are a handful of realtors servicing one area. Digital companies also see direct competition.

Since direct competitors sell similar products in a similar manner, this type of competition is often a zero-sum game — meaning, a customer that buys a competitor’s product won’t buy yours.

For example, if you buy a hamburger at McDonald’s, it’s not likely you’ll swing by Burger King to buy another one. Indirect competitors are businesses in the same category that sell different products or services to solve the same problem. For example, Taco Bell and Subway fall under the same category — fast-food — but they offer entirely different menu options.

While they both seek to solve the same problem feed hungry people , they provide different products to solve it. Here’s another example — residential painters experience indirect competition with home improvement chains like Home Depot or Lowes. Again, the category is the same but the product offerings differ. Indirect competition isn’t necessarily a zero-sum game. Consider someone buying supplies from Lowe’s to re-paint their home —only to do a sloppy job.

They may call a local painter to fix the mistakes. A replacement competitor offers an alternative to the product or service that you offer. You both seek to solve the same pain points, but the means are different. For example, a restaurant and coffee shop in the same neighborhood could be replacement competitors. Walking down the street, some customers may choose to grab a to-go lunch from the coffee shop, while others prefer the restaurant.

The idea here is that customers are using the same resources to purchase the replacement that they could’ve used to buy your offerings. These competitors are potentially dangerous if there’s more than one way to solve the same problem you seek to resolve. Additionally, these are the most challenging competitors to identify.


– Who are your top 3 competitors


These are business with multiple facets very similar to yours. Again, the main thing in determining your direct competition is to look at similaritiesnot exactilarities. Mac vs. PC is a good example of who are your top 3 competitors competitors. Consumers are looking at the big picture of meeting their needs first and foremost.

These are business not necessarily similar to yours at all, but who compete for the same piece of the pie. Basically, their product and service offerings may be different, but are intended to solve the same consumer need as yours.

Your indirect competitors would be other restaurants that offer any type of верно! can i use zoom on my laptop without downloading app нужные at all. Both of you are serving the same target market; both of you are meeting the same consumer need of hunger. In short — whatever your potential customer might spend their money on instead of buying what you offer.

Sometimes called phantom competitors who are your top 3 competitors, or replacement competitorsthese are almost impossible to identify and can vary dramatically with the economy, or even by just the way the wind blows.

As an example: Sho may have every intention of buying your latest widget gizmo this week. Need help identifying your competitors? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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3 Ways to Size Up Your Competitors for Your Marketing Strategy.

By starting with your competition, you can immediately identify if there is a need in the market, as well as an opportunity to enter. There are 5 types of competitors: direct, potential, indirect, future, and replacement. In other words, by looking at your competitors, you can save a LOT of time, money, and heartache. Document your research in a written analysis. A competitive analysis gives you the information you need to get there, including how much more you need to sell, the demographics to market and any skill gaps your organization has.


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