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Microsoft is closing another gap on Zoom by ensuring that if you can’t be seen, you are at least heard over a poor connection. Written by Liam Tung, Contributor on March 10, ZDNet Recommends.

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Show Comments. Log In to Comment Community Guidelines. Add Your Comment. Its mobile app allows users to access Teams and work from anywhere. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use Microsoft Teams.

Zoom is a cloud-based, reliable video conferencing tool that lets set up virtual meetings, webinars, audio calls, etc. It offers a simple user interface that anyone can easily navigate and use. Learn how to use Zoom with our simple step-by-step guide. Both apps aim to provide good video quality for smooth, uninterrupted meetings. It also offers full HD p support and bandwidth constraints for high-quality video viewing.

But if you have a Zoom Business or Zoom Enterprise plan , you can change the default p to p for better video quality. MS Teams provides high-quality p for most formats except for its live events, while Zoom delivers the same quality only in Zoom Business and Zoom Enterprise plans.

During a Zoom meeting, you can send messages to all participants like a group chat or select individuals. The chat feature allows you to share files, note the meeting minutes, etc. You can also send private messages to individuals during a group video.

Additionally, Zoom enables its hosts to control the chat function by disabling the entire chat or private chat during group meetings. However, the chat feature in Zoom is only accessible during a video call. Microsoft Teams offers additional features like access to chats out of meetings, individual chats, chats within a channel, etc.

Meanwhile, Zoom users have to use a different collaboration platform called Zoom Chat to connect and send messages to individuals, channels, and groups when not on Zoom calls. A free version of the Microsoft Teams account allows you to create a group of participants.

You can also add more participants with:. Meanwhile, you can add a maximum of participants with its Zoom Enterprise paid plan. If you have a larger enterprise, you can always increase the meeting participants by purchasing an add-on. Zoom supports attendees with its addon, while MS Teams users can only add participants per session. In MS Teams, users have to navigate across a stream of features such as different channels, teams, the Microsoft Office ecosystem, etc.

So, it could take them some time to become familiar with the app and its endless collaboration features. It embeds all its additional features in the settings, leaving the home screen with just the essential features. The home screen also uses a visual hierarchy in color, size, and position, helping users easily find what they need.

This way, even people with the slightest technical knowledge can start using Zoom immediately. In its quest to provide its users with a comprehensive collaboration experience, Teams had to sacrifice a bit on ease of use.

On the other hand, Zoom offers an easy, intuitive, and clear interface. In Microsoft Teams, you can both enter a room or create one easily with just a few clicks. Teams lets you add around people paid account for one session, and you can broadcast it to 10, people at a time. All your meeting recordings will be uploaded to your Onedrive or SharePoint account, and its links will get added to the chat. It also provides additional features like whiteboards, screen sharing, live events, live captions in 28 languages, webinars, etc.

Microsoft Teams lets you have only one meeting organizer for a room or video conference. Easy to use Feature-rich free version available Intuitive interface. Completely free participants Integrates with Microsoft No gallery view for guests Steep learning curve. Compare web conferencing prices for your business Get Quotes. Zoom vs Microsoft Teams: Pricing Let’s be honest — there are few aspects of a new software that are more important than price.

Zoom Pricing Plans Zoom pricing plans are pretty straightforward. Get started for free today See Deals. Microsoft Teams Pricing Plans Microsoft Team pricing is a bit more complicated as far as what you get.

Microsoft Business Basic includes Teams. Microsoft Business Standard includes Teams. Compare web conferencing pricing for your business Get Quotes. Free Options Zoom and Microsoft Teams both offer free plans, and they’re decidedly competitive. Compare web conferencing prices right now Get Quotes. Best for Business Features While you might think that these platforms are only designed for video conferencing, the reality is that Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer a wide range of other features designed to make life easier and more productive.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams: Security Security is obviously important when it comes to business communication. Security Problems Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer great security features, but for very different reasons. Call Quality and Capacity The quality of a call is vital, as is the number of participants, which is why we’ve compared Zoom and Microsoft Teams based on these small details. Call Quality Luckily, both Zoom and Microsoft Teams are such high quality video conferencing providers that there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to call quality.

Call Capacity This one is pretty cut and dry. Setup and Support If you’re installing a new video conferencing tool in hopes of improving productivity, it better be easy to use. Easiest Setup As far as setup is concerned, Zoom takes this one by a mile. Check out our video conferencing equipment guide here Microsoft Teams, however, is a bit more complicated.

Get video conferencing set up for your business Click Here. Best Support If you’re having trouble with either platform, having a good support team to back you up can be huge. Video Conferencing Alternatives There are lots of options outside of Zoom and Microsoft Teams in the video conferencing industry. Google Workplace compatibility Very affordable paid plan Advanced features like live captioning. Compare tailored price quotes for your business Get Quotes.

Zoom vs Webex While Zoom is better suited to smaller companies and individual use, Cisco Webex is geared towards big companies that have a lot to do. Feature-rich software High quality audio and video Easy setup. Compare web conferencing prices for your business Compare quotes. Other Providers If none of these alternatives are doing it for you, don’t worry.

Yes — Audio-only calls can be created when a host generates an Audio pin. High quality audio and video Very reliable and secure Lower cost than competitors. Lots of customizability Can also be used for Glip. Google Calendar compatibility Saves chat logs Easy integration with Google apps. Amazing sound quality Lots of features Many software integrations. Compare tailored recommendations and price quotes for your business Compare now.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams: Verdict We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Zoom is slightly better than Microsoft Teams, but it really matters what you need it for.

Frequently Asked Questions. Can I use Microsoft Teams for personal use? Yes, you can use Microsoft Teams for personal use, as the platform is free to use out of the gate.

However, it’s worth remembering that many of Microsoft Teams’ advanced features are only available in the paid plan, so your personal use can’t be too complicated. Can you use Microsoft Teams and Zoom together? Yes, you can. Microsoft Teams offers a Zoom integration, so that you can use the popular video conferencing app within the team collaboration tool.

Still, there are a few hiccups that make it complicated, like Zoom users and Microsoft Team users not being able to message each other within the platform. Is Zoom the best video conferencing app? We’ve done some extensive research on a wide range of video conferencing tools , and we’ve found that Zoom is indeed one of the best, thanks to its intuitive interface and security features.

GoToMeeting is another stellar option that we highly recommend, particularly for bigger businesses with more specific needs. How much does Zoom Meetings cost? About our links. Share this post facebook linkedin flipboard twitter whatsapp. Did you find this article helpful? Click on one of the following buttons. Yes No. We’re so happy you liked! Get more delivered to your inbox just like it.

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Microsoft Teams Essentials. Google Meet. Google Workplace users. Larger businesses. Occasional bandwidth issues. Zoho Meeting.



This Is the Internet Speed You Need for Zoom | .


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IMHO, it is far more secure and reliable than many other alternatives and one of the best choices for O Business users. VPN Reviews. While neither module can make up for terrible lighting and a bad webcam, they can be useful in at least softening up unflattering images. Create Zoom meetings for new Calendly events. And even though that doesn’t seem like a lot of internet speed, you’ll still need an internet plan with at least 25 to 50 Mbps download speeds. User Articles Quick Reference. But each of the video conferencing solutions on this list—and the ones not on the list—has different stand-out features, different levels of quality, and different limitations.

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